Fast Forewind/Rewind, playback point within a track

I am new and have one question:
It seems I cannot find a way to change the playback point within a track, e.g. I want to play a piece from 5 minutes into the piece, or I want to listen again to a theme that I missed, a few seconds back.
There is a transport bar which I can move with the mouse or the finger on the iPad remote, but playback always continues where it was before, I can also not scrub or fast-forward to a point later in the track. In Audirvana+ I cannot move the play marker at all.
Is there a solution? I listen to classical music mainly, so pieces tend to be longer.

I’m also experiencing this issue. Has it never been solved or addressed?

Same problem here on Windows 10 laptop. No fast forward. Anyone there with an answer?
Thank you.

This functionality is taken from your DAC, if he don’t support it then you won’t be able to use it.