Feature Request: Last.fm Scrobbling

I’m a long time user of Audirvana, and very happy with the product. One thing that is missing for me is being able to scrobble tracks played to last.fm. Both ROON and Tidal apps support this, and do it well. It would be great if Audirvana added support for linking last.fm for scrobbles.

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+1 I wonder if scrobbling could also be added with an external plugin, as I noticed the Audio Units & Plugins category on this forum.

Furthermore the French streaming site Deezer already has an internal scrobbling option by connecting to Last.fm in its Alerts & Sharing settings, so if Audirvana adds Deezer support, you could scrobble with that.

Still cannot edit my postings, so I’ll add that there are several threads on other forums asking for this feature, e.g. the official Last.fm support forum:

Also there seems to be a workaround with an external MPD scrobbling app described here: