Feature Request: Scrollbar with Letters / Letterbar

Would it be possible to do a change to the Scrollbar part of the UI at the right side so it can have Letters as addition? I have that in Plex and it is so useful and an ultrafast navigation. I’ve painted an example picture how it could be looking in future. If you click at “P” Audirvana would jump to the first Album with “P” etc.
The scrollbar is great, but it is slow if you have a lot of albums. So probably this is a good addition for a future release of Audirvana Studio?

That would be so great! Please, please, pretty please make this happen :blush:

That’s an excellent suggestion. :smiley:

You have got my vote!

Brilliant idea. Let’s do it!

That’s a very sensible suggestion! It would really facilitate fast scrolling to the desired album.

You means the already existing preference on 3.5 remote version, but not yet on Studio or Origin version…

Thank you so much for doing that in Audirvana Studio 2.0. I am so impressed, cause the usability of the UI is now very fast and comfy. I love the new letter sidebar so much.

Really, deepest thanks amazing job!

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Me too! Way to go :smile:

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