Feature Request: Shutting Down Windows Services During Music Playback

The very best windows based audio systems I’ve heard all shut down unnecessary windows services during playback. Any chance such a feature could be added to AS for the windows platform? I haven’t found any program for shutting down windows services that is compatible with AS, including Audiophile Optimizer. I’m not very computer literate so maybe I’m wrong about that?

What very best Windows based audio systems do you mean that ‘all’ shut down unnessesary services?
I thought I knew most of them. The top ‘audiophile’ players for Windows are:

  • Foobar
  • JRiver
  • Roon
  • Audirvana

None of them optimize Windows or shut down Windows services. If you know of Windows audio players that do, please let me know. (Edit: I realize you can mean complete music systems… like hardware/windows/software combined?).
Most music players (software) do that for a reason: Because it is too risky. Every user is different. Depending on your use case some services are necessary and others not. It all depends on what the user wants.

There are some separate programs capable of the optimizations you mean (including Audiophile Optimizer). Audiophile Optimizer can be used with Audirvana as far as I know (someone correct me if I am wrong).

There is another well known program called ‘Fidelizer’. There is a free version (with some limitations) and there is a paid version. I have tried the free version in Windows and it works fine with Audirvana Studio. In my opinion it is also much easier to configure than Audiophile Optimizer (less ‘nerdy’). It simply shows a screen in Windows with some options you can choose.
Fidelizer and Audiophile Optimizer are the only Windows programs I know for that purpose. Both are not cheap (cost more than a year subscription for Audirvana).

Be warned though, programs shutting down Windows services are quite risky to use. I’d rather keep them separate from my audio player programs. The reason I do not use them (Audiophile Optimizer and Fidelizer) is because they are not transparent in what they do. They don’t tell you which services are shut down and what other optimizations in Windows they make. You get some global choices, but no details. Fidelizer crashed my computer more than once. Optimizing Windows by hand is also a possibility (and only a one time job) and does basically the same.You don’t have to be a computer expert for that. Most of it is some Windows settings. I have put some links for you at the end of this post.

I certainly hope that Audirvana will NOT build this in, because that will open the floodgates for all kinds of unexpected Windows problems/crashes etc. With every new Windows update there is a serious risk that suddenly some services are changed or will not work anymore as expected.
Also if Audirvana would build this in, the support desk will probably be overflown by lots of people with Windows problems (why is Windows defender not working anymore?, Windows stopped updating automatically. My screensaver does not work anymore. Why are my screen animations not working? etc. etc.). Let Audirvana stick to what it does best: music reproduction.

As said, it is relatively easy to optimize your Windows system for playing music by hand. Programs like Fidelizer and Audiophile optimizer do about the same. Doing it by hand gives you also more control.

Here are some links with tips (and Google will give you more):


Optimizing Your Computer for Audio - Windows 10 – Knowledge Base | PreSonus

7 Tips for Optimizing Your Windows 10 Computer for Audio | B&H Explora (bhphotovideo.com)

Most of the tips above are also meant for Audio production, but they are just as good for Audio playing. They also work with Windows 11. I did most of them on my Windows 11 PC (a dedicated NUC only for music playing) by hand and they work fine.

Hope this helps.



Dearest Windows Gods may I please hear my music ?

“But I am the administrator “


“Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do”