Feedback Remote

Remote does not work for HRA streaming. I get “request error” when trying to play anything.
HRA works when playing from the Mac.
Remote works for Qobuz.

The mini player does not work in landscape mode (buttons like pause next/previous etc…), works in portrait.
Access to some parameters needs to go to miniplayer : not intuitive
No sorting options

Looks like an app of the early 2010’s. Lot of job on UI and functionalities. Really disappointing.

The “See All” button in Qobuz streaming has no function.
I don’t see more albums when pressed. Just the 5 first ones.


You can see Qobuz in Portrait mode but Not in Landscape mode.

It doesn’t work. Neither in portrait mode nor in landscape mode.
And: HRA doesn’t work at all with the remote

It does on my iPad 4, so it’s probably device dependent

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Thank you for the feedback.
I use an iPad Pro 12.9 (2017).
That error needs to be repaired anyways.

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