File Management by Audirvana

I have noticed the following (multiple) error messages coming with Disk Utility in macOS (High Sierra). I also note there are serious difficulties in copying of files from the Library to another disk for backup. Can Audirvana please assure me that the Program is not responsible: I do not use any other software on this Library Folder:

“warning: inode_val: object (oid 0xa625): invalid internal_flags (0x28000)”

Why do you think it’s related to Audirvana?

Good question. Thank you. This has moved on, a bit. The computer using the Library is an old (2010) Mac mini. It runs High Sierra. The machine is essentially used only for this purpose. It does not (so far as I know) run any Microsoft product. (notoriously associated with the issue). I wanted to copy some files from the Audirvana Library (on an ext. SSD) to another SSD (at least partially as backup). For convenience (Desktop vs Headless) I unmounted the AV Library SSD and moved it to another machine. also running HS. None of my efforts to copy worked (Chronosync etc). I ran Disk Utility on the second machine and got the warning I quoted. I took the SSD back to the Mac mini which has Audirvana installed, and Disk Utility showed no warnings and copying worked. Hence my question… does the fact that Audirvana is installed have any bearing on the different behaviour of the two machines?

No, the issue is system related.

Thanks. The internet suggests it occurs when people use a MS program called “One Drive”, which I do not. BTW the warnings have reappeared on the Mac mini. I have not had time to check on yet another machine, but I do have a full copy of the disk (SSD) now.

It’s probably an issue with the SSD.