Files are not Syncing

I have tried n times syncing all my collection to Audirvana studio
MacOs Ventura 13.3.1

Every time audirvana hangs and shows a message looking to get the licence, and crashes. I dint face any issue before; if this is not going to get resolved, i don’t have any choice but to apply for a refund

Sonething wrong.

Send your details to @Antoine with you dump file.

He will sort you out.

Im not able to find the log files … I can see some information when i select the debug option

@Antoine I tried with different external HDD but still i face the same problem

Debug is what I meant to say.

Somehow I could sync the Folders (Which took ages to do). Another problem I’m facing now is when I leave the Audirvana application idle for, say, 30 minutes. I get a message “unable to verify the licence.”

Hi @prasathre,

Can you disconnect and then reconnect your account? To do this you need to go to Audirvāna settings, My Account section.

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