First Impressions

Hi …m

As a historic user of PC and Windows, I was looking for a nice and powerful hi-res audio player. Finally, it seems that I found it. The first impressions are pretty good on the sound quality, but there are still some things that I’m sure they will be fixed/improved quite soon.

Here are the cons I have noticed after my test this afternoon :

  • Track 2 is played a bit too early when the tracks are gapless, and quite early when over sampling is enabled
  • Can’t sort the track lists, none of the Name, Title or Track # sorting works
  • Any way to import M3U, PLS or F2K playlists ??
  • Drag & Add files to a playlist from an explorer window or any other app to a playlist ??
  • The dimensions and the position of the program window are always partly out of my screen. Can’t maximize the window

Thanks to all the Audirvana Team for releasing a Windows version …


  • The dimensions and the position of the program window are always partly out of my screen. Can’t maximize the window

I have same problem!..

Hi LePousson!
What do you mean by oversampling? I am facing issues with gapless playback on my Yamaha NP-S2000 via DLNA. maybe there is something to be done about that?

Best regards

Oversampling = Output a 24/96 Flac file in DSD64 for example …


Thanks for this feedback!

  1. Gapless playback just plays tracks with no pause in between. Is this happening with all albums, or only with one? Could you give more details about this “too early”?
  2. Detailed sort options will come a bit later. For now you can sort only the smart playlists by clicking on the column title.
  3. playlists export/import is coming soon, starting with M3U
  4. Open the play queue (button Bottom right of the Audirvana Plus window), and you can then drop files from the Explorer onto it
  5. What if you double click on the top of Audirvana Plus window? It maximizes it


We are both French but I’ll keep writing in English so that others can read this thread. But if you want to switch to French it is of course totally ok for me.

  1. Yes it is happening with every album. I’m gonna try this on my laptop speakers to see if this could come from that I’m using a USB External DAC (Oppo Sonica DAC).
    2/3) Ok, I hope this will come soon :wink:
  2. Ok, but what would be very useful is to be able to drag files to playlists
  3. I have set my Windows bar at the top screen area, and the Audirvana window appears always under this bar. It is then needed to “Restore” the position (right click on Audirvana in the taskbar) to get all the window in the main area

I would also add that this blue overlay line that appears upon every mouse move over the tracks, is terribly annoying, especially the 3 black icons on the left of this bar. It hides the track number and sorting manually is then very hard.

Thanks for replying !


I just made some tests with 1020 for problem 1 on the laptop.

Let’s consider playing 3 gapless tracks without using fast forward and no upsampling…

When going from track 1 to track 2, the gapless is ok, making a smooth transition. But on the transition from track 2 to track 3, there is kind of a little audio cut (probably between 0.5 and 1s) which results in a bad transition.

I made this test both on my laptop speakers (ASIO & WASAPI) and through my Oppo Osnica DAC (ASIO). The gapless problem occurred on every situation.

What can I try ??


Hi LePousson!
I will stay tuned to your thread, I am still struggling with gapless, though surely caused by other circumstances. As mentioned, I am using a Yamaha NP-S2000. It is capable of gapless, even has its own settings for this. No gapless, not from Tidal not from locally stored files. The Yamaha App on Android (not MusicCast, a Special one), does play gapless from the NAS, but has no connection to streaming except Internet-radio. Same with some particular app, NEUTRO…

Damien: great idea this sw, makes any hardware shine. Even my setup, while I am still seeking the best speakers for me. Only thing I am longing for now is this gapless thing. 1021 just arrived, snif, no gapless…

Best regards,


Thanks :slight_smile:

The issue is in the Yamaha firmware that is currently unable to do gapless playback. You may want to ask Yamaha support abour fixing this issue. This will help them understand the Customer need…

And what about my gapless problem ??


Unfortunately I can’t reproduce it.
Do you get it also with streaming albums?

I’m gonna make a try now …


Streaming on Tidal is worse for gapless … I get kind of a pause, around 1 sec, and then the 2nd track …

What can I try ? Change settings in Audirvana ? In the USB DAC options (OPPO Sonica) ? Something else ?


I have recorded an example with my iPhone but I can’t post it here. Do you have an email where I can send it to ?


@Damien : Any news about the problem I’m having ? Did you get my email with the audio sample ?



I came to the thread hoping for some solutions. I have the same issue. Playing tracks locally on my windows 10 PC with Audirvana out to a Zan DAC v2 via either the ASIO or the Kernel Streaming on the transition from track to track , there is kind of a little audio cut (probably between 0.5 and 1s) which results in a bad transition that is very noticeable

Is there some sort of setting to fix this or something I need to tweak to eliminate this

I am not looking for gapless playback per se as in a seamless DJ mix - but this noisy cut audio between tracks is distracting from the otherwise awesome playback