[FIXED] Playback stopping 10 seconds from the end of song

Hi. and help
In the last couple of weeks songs stop playback 10 seconds from the end of a song. - This on my mac mini playing to a chord qutests.
It appears to a be an audirvana software problem. The software doesnt show pause it just stops playing- there is no crash and I can change songs etc.

Plus once in a while there is distortion both from music on my hard drive and also tidal.


Good morning. Anybody out there that can help ? I would write an email but cant find an address. How do I escalate this ?
As I said it frequently stops a few seconds from the end of the track.

Hi, for me exactly the same - I´m not really amused.
It is a mac mini with OS X 10.11.5 and Audirvana 3.5.13.
Some times it plays about 5 hours with Tidal or it stops randomly after a song. Always 6 to 10 seconds from end.
the same with songs from my mac.
Is there any support from Audirvana? In reality you can´t spend an evening listening in a relaxed way with Audirvana.

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Ive got the same problem, today replay stops at the end of nearly every third song. Would be nice to have a solution!

This is an issue that happens only with some few users, with seldom occurence.
And the real issue is that I have never been able to reproduce it. So any pattern you could find to help me reproduce it will be VERY useful to nail this one.
Do you have upsampling enabled? If yes, do you use Power of Two, or Max device rate?

Hi Damien, I`m using upsampling with the Power of Two.

Hi Damien, I`m using upsampling with MAX.
SoX Filter, 24Bit, 384 kHz

Perhaps it would be helpful if all other users having this problem, would contribute their issue.

Regards Michael

in Addition:
it is always possible to use the next button “>>” and it works. That means the position in the palylist isn´t lost.
if I replay the same title, you could not predict whether it stops or not.

This is the one, though still can’t reproduce it :frowning:
So any hint, e.g. album with which it always happens will be very useful!

Hi Damien,

Same problem : I’m using upsampling with Max. It happens mainly at the end of the first song of an album. Only once after 15 or 20 songs of the same album.

I have max sample rate set for my Qutest Dac. I cant say that this happens for a particular track, it is random. It stops at 8 seconds from the end. Is there a log somewhere ?

one example is david sylvians “cover me with flowers” from Dead bees on a cake (exlusive edition) via tidal. Stops repeatedly 9 seconds from the end.

Hi – I’m seeing this same issue.

It doesn’t happen on all tracks but I can reproduce it consistently with certain flac files. The bug occurs when you play one of these flac files continuously from the beginning of the track, all of the way through – then playback will stop approximately 10 seconds from the end. However you can cue the music, say, 30 seconds from the end of the track and then it will play through to conclusion successfully.

I’m happy to share files that are dropping out in this manner. As far as tech specs, please share a list of things you need to know and I’ll be glad to supply whatever.

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Hi, many times it happens to me that Audirvana pauses by itself at the end of the track at about 8-9 seconds and I have to manually go to the next track, does it happen to you too? I have the latest version.

Yes, exactly the same, and for at least 4 months

This always happens to me when I have no other songs in the playlist. I often add a single song from an album and then go to the playlist and delete all the remaining songs from the album, so I’m left with only a single song, which is the one already playing.
It doesn’t happen if I leave the rest of the songs in the playlist.
I have 2x upsampling enabled too.


I am relieved that i an not alone. I thought my chord dac was faulty

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Hi Damien – we know you can’t bug-fix the issue until you can reproduce it reliably. Please let us know what information we can provide to help you.

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I too am willing to help Damien solve the problem.

Two albums which appear to always be the culprit here at my work setup. Well one since I am new and can’t post any more than: