[FIXED] Playback stopping 10 seconds from the end of song

I’ve had this problem for a long time and for me it seems to be related to upsampling. No matter what upsampling option I choose I will get this issue after a few tracks. If I deactivate upsampling the problem is all gone.
I’m using El Capitan 10.11.6 with Exclusive Access, Integer Mode and Direct Mood.

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Matisse… Try to put memory allocated at 1024mb around

Thanks, I tried this now but unfortunately still the same problem.
I’m using an MacBook Pro (late 2008) with 8 GB RAM and never had any playback issues with dropouts or other problems.

I’ve never seen any pattern related to specific albums or tracks. Both local files and streaming have the same issue.
And yes, the playlist is kept intact so the ”workaround” is to manually choose next track.:blush:

Hi Damien, I appreciate your effort to solve this problem and I will be happy to contribute with information that might be useful to you since I prefer the sound of Audirvana compared to other players.
I also do think there is a SQ improvement with upsampling in Audirvana so the option with deactivation is not an alternative for me.

I’ve hade the same issue with two different MacBook Pro (Late 2008) 8 GB running 10.11.6. Both used exclusively for playing music with no other applications open.
I’ve tried both USB ports.
I’ve had the same problem with two different USB Dacs

Audirvana upgrade from 3 to 3.5 didn’t make any difference.
I’ve tried different settings with Max. memory allocated…
I’ve tried Direct Mode disabled, Integer Mode disabled and Exclusive Access disabled

So far the only thing that stops this issue is keeping upsampling Deactivated.
Anyone else having the same experience?

Roon with corresponding upsampling: No problems at all.

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I’m using a Macbook Air, Early 2014, with 4GB ram, MacOS High Sierra (10.13.2).

Seeing the issue in about 1 in every 8-10 tracks. I have the systoptimizer turned on, but to my knowledge I’m not upsampling.

Hoping we can find a solution as this would be a dealbreaker and I’d rather stay with Audirvana.

Mac Mini server (mid-2010), 16GB ram, MacOS High Sierra (10.13.6), ifs micro-iDSD BL
I just upgraded to version 3.5.15 from 3.2
Streaming from Tidal, I noticed the track would stop a few seconds from the end, didn’t matter which album I played.
After reading this forum, I turned off the upsampling and that appears to have solved the problem.
Hope the problem will be resolved soon and upsampling can be activated again.

Just to test further, I activated the upsampling (DSD128) and indeed the track paused 6 seconds from end. Next I tested with an MQA album and the track played to the end without problem (MQA tracks are not upsampled even with upsampling activated). Tried with several MQA albums (on Tidal) without problem. Then tried with non-MQA albums and this time, they played without pausing (upsampled to DSD128).
Curiouser and curiouser ???

Stop press ! just updated to the latest version and things just got a whole lot worse ! people dont upgrade. The music stops much earlier and cant jump to the next track. Deactivated upsampling. Makes no difference. How do I downgrade !!!

This latest update renders the app useless. After approx 2 minutes the sound stops and the bar continues across the screen. In order to get music to play I have to stop the app completely. However the music stops everytime. As this is now my only source of music I can no longer listen…

can anyone please suggest an alternative to this software for Mac. I love my music but due to this “bug” I cant listen to anything anymore. It doesnt appear to be even looked at nevermind a resolution being in sight.

I have found ( I think) the problem. When the cut out / stopping happens it is because the audio output is switching to the TV.- I noticed this by chance. Stopping the app and switching back to my DAC means that it plays again - at least for a while. Can someone PLEASE tell me how to stop this happening ?

I have now tried 3.5.15 for a few days and I’ve not experience any new problems since this update.

Besides this annoying issue with playback stopping at end of tracks I’ve also noticed a specific problem that Audirvana sometimes seems to lose connection to the USB Dac when an album ends and Audirvana is ”Stopping audio device”. (Of course with ”Repeat” not activated). If I then try to start playback from an another album everything looks fine but there is no sound. The only way to re-establish connection to the dac was to restart the dac itself. Then I tried to combine Audirvana with the MacOS app ”Amphetamine” to keep everything awake all the time and this workaround seemed to solve this second problem.

Then I noticed that using Amphetamine to keep the computer awake also seemed to make this first problem less frequent as well. If I reactivate upsampling the issue with playback stopping at end of tracks still happens maybe once an album but it’s not like before without Amphetamine, when it happened every 3-4 track.

I have no idea if theese two issues are correlated to each other or if this information is relevant for making it more possible for Damien to reproduce this issue, but I’m still hoping there will be a solution to this long-lasting problem since I’d like to continue using Audirvana.

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I don’t know for what it’s worth, but before 3.5 this issue was that playback usually stopped when there was 2-3 seconds left of the track, which gave the impression that the next track just didn’t start. After the upgrade to 3.5 it’s more like that the track will be suddenly interrupted when there is 6-10 seconds left.

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Is it possible to get some sort of response? „Yes we have seen this thread“ ! What use use is music software where you cant listen to an entire track?

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Are there any Aurdirvana employees working on this problem or has it been abandoned? It would be good to know.


I´m sorry, but I get a little bit angry. There is a long discussion but no meaningful answer. Perhaps we should discuss this in an open forum.
I tried several sources, several CD´s from Tidal. It is still the same. It stopping 10 seconds …. Mostly within 20 minutes, sometimes it happens really that it plays 3 hours without interrupt. I´m a Software Architect and looks like as if a pointer is lost to the next item. perhaps there is some incorrect coding. Please make clear which kind of info you need and what is already checked.
But for all that it is not !!! possible to hear music in a relaxed manner. And it seems that it is not only the problem of a view users. I think we have a contract and that is definitive a bug. I´m looking forward to a solution. Hopefully with audirvana. regards Michael

I meet the same issue.
I installed Parallels Desktop, mumu… …
In addition,when CPU resource is busy, the music stop.

This bug has been quite frustrating for me, as some of you are encountering it, but I have never been able to reproduce it. Maybe something linked to a CPU/OS combination.

The good news is that thanks to a user who was able to reproduce it easily, I’ve been able to find a culprit, and fix it!