Fixed resolution

I I’m trying a free license for Mac right now. The problem is that my dac only can take fixed resolution of 48 or 96 kHz. My Mac changes the resolution after Audirvana and then strange sounds come out.
Does anyone know how to solve this?



Go to “audio setup” menu and check the “upsampling” section, there you can choose a specific resolution for any frequency.

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I have tried that in the midi section, but it changes when the resolution changes in Audirvana/Tidal.

How is your DAC connected to the computer, USB? Which DAC is that?

Yes USB. It’s a BSS blu USB unit going into a BSS 805 unit, in which the dacs are located. I have followed the manual for the USB unit for MAC connection.

Try to upsample fixed to 96KHz in Audirvana. You’ll probably get better result in this specific case.

How can I do this in the settings for Audirvana. I mean set fixed resolution.

Hello @Vonschweikert, to set the custom upsampling in Audirvana you need to go to your Audio settings Audio Output
In the Upsampling section you have to activate the option and set it to “Custom” after that you can set the frequency you want to upsample to.

Ok and there I can choose fixed option?
I will try when home tonight.