[FIXED] V 3.2.17 no mqa support

After updating to 3.2.17 there is no more MQA support.
MQA songs are played with 48khz if they are 96khz and with 44.1khz if they are 88.2khz.
Before the update they had been played with 96khz or 88.2khz.
How to downgrade to 3.2.16?

Thanks for this report.
I’m fixing this in a 3.2.18, for the users that are stuck on pre-El Capitan macOS.
If you have El Capitan or more recent, I strongly encourage you to get the free upgrade to Audirvana 3.5 that brings strong improvements in sound quality and user interface.

Done, you can now update to 3.2.18, if not getting the 3.5

I updated the OS to High Sierra (I was afraid of my WIN7 Bootcamp, but no problem) and installed 3.5 - very fine! Thanks a lot!
I updated A+ to 3.2.18 and MQA is working fine again.
Thankx for this fast and perfect responce.