Flac flac flac ... will this work?

Hi everyone - I had been a long time user of iTunes integrated mode, until Damien released a much better user interface of Aurdirvana (can’t remember which version).
Then, I started to get more and more flac audio files on my hard drive. So i stopped using the integrated mode, and fully moved to Audirvana standalone as my main player (of quality)!!
BUT … as much as the new UI was better than earlier … it still is not very functional in many capacities. I am not going to go through all the flaws and improvement opportunities, as they are debated in many other posts here. In short, I would say iTunes remain much more intuitive and easy to navigate, period :slight_smile:

Question is simple: can I switch back to the iTunes integrated mode and still enjoy all my flac files?
If not, are there plans in the roadmap to continue improve the v3 user interface, to bring it to modern standards?


The simple answer is no. The only way would be to convert the FLACs into ALAC format.

ok this is what i suspected … bummer!! thank you