Fog convolver plugin not showing up

I Have a beta version of FOG that supposedly works with Catalina, but not showing up in AV,
Quote from audiothing ‘Ive never heard of Audirvana. If it supports AU, VST2, or VST3, then yes it should work’.
Before i waste any more time try to get AV to work properly,
A) Should this work ?
B) if so how
C) if not, can someone recommend a convolution plug in that will work,and i can output REW files to it .

Hello @bazzweb,

Can you send us the dmg of this plugin so we can take a look at it?

ok have sent via email, also here

Hello @bazzweb,

We received the file properly and managed to install the Audio Unit. We could to reproduce your issue but when we are using a tool for testing Audio Units, we can see it. This thus means we will need to make some further testing to know the cause of this issue and will require some time.

In the meantime you can try other convolution plugin like the one from that can be used in Audirvana.

Hi to anyone wishing to output REW room correction files to a convolution plugin,as Damien says this one works, its also free,i highly recommend room correction …