Folder hierarchy view

My 20,000+ tracks are organized in hundreds of folders. In one folder there are several artist/albums so album/artist view is unusable for me. The track view with all of the tracks is unusable either. Is there any folder view to select the wanted folder to view and play the tracks in it? The software has better sound quality than others, so I’d like to buy and use it, but without folder view is unusable for me and not worth for buying that high price :frowning:

+1 here!

Windows File Explorer has come a long way to halfway decent usability and functions for large hard drives – now within Audirvana I can see no way to navigate my local folder hierarchy – actually I can´t even find the path information for a particular track or album or did I miss something? Thanks in advance for advise.

Try like this… right click in the title menu anywhere and remove all categories and just keep ‘Audio File Location’, then place your mouse to see the invisible column :slight_smile: and drag it to the left max and stretch it to the max on the right also to fill up your screen width.