Force STEREO option?

Hi Damien,

I’m trying the demo version of Audirvana (3570) on a MacBook-pro with the latest version of Catalina (10.15.7), and the Mac is connected using a USB-C to HDMI câble to an ARCAM AVR-750 receiver.

I have no problem playing multichannel audio tracks. The receiver usually gets PCM 7.1 176.4 or 192KHz.

However, when I’m playing a stereo track, no matter what I do, Audirvana doesn’t switch the output to PCM 2.0, and always uses PCM 7.1

–> This is a problem for me as the ARCAM receiver has many STEREO features that I cannot activate, as the receiver is receiving multichannel audio.

I tried to activate the FORCE STEREO switch in Audirvana output configuration but that didn’t work. (Even after a restart of Audirvana or a Mac reboot).

I tried to run macOS MIDI setup, select a 2-channel mode, reboot the Mac… etc… but as soon as I play a track from Audirvana, I can see the MIDI config switching to 8 channel 176.4 KHz again.

Compared to the same tracks played from my Oppo BDP-95 Universal Blu-ray player:

  • When playing a multichannel track, the receiver gets PCM 5.1
  • When playing a stereo track, the receiver gets PCM 2.0

Could you please advise ? I would like Audirvana to behave the same as the blu-ray player, and output multichannel for multichannel tracks, and PCM 2.0 for stereo tracks.

Is this possible ?



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Have you tried to connect using USB directly?

Thank you for your answer.

No I didn’t try to connect the Mac to the USB input on the ARCAM AVR.
From the ARCAM documentation, the USB input supports:

  • USB storage devices (USB sticks or hard drives)
  • iPod / iPhones

I just tried to connect an iPhone with a lightning to USB-A cable, and it worked. From this I think the DAC might be available from this port… but I’m not sure as it might be an apple-only feature.

I need to find a USB-C to USB-A (male) cable to test, and this doesn’t seem to be common… I can only find USB-C to USB-A (female). From this fact, I doubt this configuration is supported…

Also, I know the ARCAM AVR 750 DAC has limited features when connected using other ports than HDMI (USB storage, Ethernet DNLA).


I see now that it doesn’t have USB Type B input. You should go for a USB to SPDIF/Toslink bridge solution.

Yes, I just double-checked, and came to the same conclusion. The Arcam USB input doesn’t behave as a USB-DAC.

I understand your solution using a USB to SPDIF/Toslink bridge. However, before I fix the problem using more hardware, I would like to know if the problem comes from a limitation of macOS or Audirvana, and couldn’t be software-fixed.

Why the Audirvana force stereo option doesn’t work and doesn’t switch the HDMI output to PCM 2.0 ? Is this a software bug, a macOS limitation, or maybe I didn’t fully understand what this option is for ?

Maybe it does but the receiver assumes that everything coming through HDMI is multichannel.

I don’t think so…if I connect an Oppo Blu-ray player to the same HDMI port on the receiver:

  • When playing a multichannel track, the receiver gets PCM 5.1
  • When playing a stereo track, the receiver gets PCM 2.0

I think Audirvana doesn’t switch the configuration to PCM 2.0 when playing a stereo track through a multichannel-capable HDMI port, and it might be a software bug.

Hello @stipus,

While you are connected with HDMI to your Arcam, can you send me a copy of the “Debug Info”? You can get it in Audirvana Settings>General>Debug Info

Note: By clicking on the Debug Info button, Audirvana automatically copies all its content, all you have to do is paste it in response to this message.