Forced Upsampling Type "deactivated"

Hi, I just downloaded a trial of the Mac version of Audirvana 3.5 and have it installed on a 2011 MacBook Air that I control through Screen Sharing from another Mac. The MBA is connected to a Topping D50s DAC and everything works great with Tidal, including MQA at 88/96 Khz.

i want to try upsampling. However, when I go into the Topping D50s menus, under Upsampling, it says Forced Upsampling Type : Deactivated. When I try to click on Deactivated, nothing happens. From reading around it seems that it should offer me a higher sampling rate or 2X. Do I have to turn something else on?


Hello @tsammyc, do you mean when you want to enable upsampling in Audirvana you don’t have the menu that appears to select the mode you want to be in?

That’s correct. The menu never pulls down when I click around the “Deactivated” option including the little down arrow

Have you tried to uninstall and install Audirvana again?

Will try that next if there is no other possibility

Perhaps you are trying to change the setting while a track is playing? Hit ‘stop’ first.

@sridavid, that was exactly it. Thanks very much. Enjoying the 2x oversampling. Will certainly buy a license as the output is much clearer than the Tidal desktop app for Mac on my Topping D50s. I don’t hear as much difference on the Audioquest dragonfly

Glad that worked! I have been using, and admiring, Audirvana on a Mac since maybe version 1.5? Currently I have the Denafrips Ares II, which I prefer to use NOS or with the DAC’s own oversampling with Audirvana’s deactivated. I find I have memory issues, even on a new MacBook Pro with plenty of RAM, using ‘Power of 2’ upsampling by Audirvana, while the DAC’s implementation is glitch-free and beautiful. That could be because the max rates on the Denafrips are 1411khz and 1536! But I also use Audirvana with the Border Patrol DAC, which reads 16 bits at best, and can only input files as high as 24/96. For that I use the ‘custom’ setting on Audirvana, downsampling DSD and higher rate PCM to 96 or 88.2, but leaving 44.1 and 48khz files as they are. The results are superb. 14-16 bits are plenty!

I was in the market for a new DAC and was looking at the SMSL M400, which apparently is the latest thing in “natural sound” and will do the 2nd MQA unfold. However, with Audirvana I think I might hold on to the Topping for awhile longer now that I’m enjoying the clarity and low noise. My MacBook Air starts to stutter at above 192Khz but I don’t want to dedicate a faster machine for the purpose.

Just starting out with much of this. My drop-down looks like this image, but why is “to DSD” an inactive option?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @greg88rx,

If your device does not support DSD then upsampling can’t be performed to DSD :wink: