Fritzbox-Nas music folder added, is extrem slow

Adding a music folder from my fritzbox Nas is extrem slow!
Adding the same folder into Roon runs fast.
So where is the problem?
A path starting with volume (and this is the case with Audirvana) will most likely cause speed losses and usability problems in use, now and in the future.
This is what Roon says and it applies 100% to Audirvana!
Roon has an extra option to add a network share. This works and is very fast.

Something like that is missing in Audirvana. Please add Damien.

Don’t think that’s the issue. Audirvana can already add network shares. I use it like that, my music is stored on a NAS.

FritzBox NAS capability is also no crazy fast. You’ll be better off with a cheap NAS.

Fritzbox 7590 supports smb3 with latest firmware…so it is fast. As I wrote, with Roon its fast. So the bottleneck is audirvana. No doubt about it!

What can I tell you. Roon is a different application. Every application does things differently. If you prefer that, stick to it.

Are you on Windows or on the Mac?

Have you tried to disable “Rescan network folders on each restart”?

Sorry, such platitudes and clever talk will not help.
I have described at the beginning of this thread what this is all about.Obviously, Audirvana treats network folders the way they should not be treated. The result is what the Roon people insist on: Performance problems, slow use.
All this applies to Audirvana.
It doesn’t matter if Audirvana is running on win or macOS.

I use both Roon and Audirvana on a Mac. My music is stored on a NAS and both Audirvana and Roon are equally fast.

It looks like the issue is specific to your setup. There have been issues before with the SMB/CIFS implementation in the NAS functionality on the FritzBox.

No, the problem is certainly not with my setups. Then Windows 10 Pro/ Server2019 & Catalina as well as Mojave installations should be equally to blame?
On all four operating systems the difference between Roon & Audirvana with Fritzbox-Nas is striking. So I think it’s quite logical to assume that it has nothing to do with my setups.
FritzBox 7590 just got a fresh update to SMB2-3. This has significantly improved the performance. With Roon you can see this.
When accessing the NAS also from TV, for example, the performance boost is clearly noticeable.

Again, when I try to open a NAS folder that starts with volume, Roon warns me not to do so, the performance problems are pre-grown.
Yesterday I tried Foobar2000… Again, reading my 1.5 TB library is as fast as with Roon.

I don’t get it why would mapping the network share be a problem when it starts with „Volume“.

My network shares are mapped like that and I have no issues at all. It‘s equally fast in Roon and Audirvana. My Roon runs embedded though on a separate device, not on my computers.

How would you like to map the folders?

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