Fullscreen not entirely full? Windows 10

hi there, sorry for reposting the topic, i accidentally press delete topic :pray: :pray:
first of all sorry for my weird english,
i just noticed that when i press the fullscreen button on windows 10 the audirvana is not entirely covering the screen, its like small part on the right side isnt covered, is there any way to fix this?

please kindly check the screenshot bellow

Hello @littlenezt, what is the resolution of your screen?

hi there !
my pc screen resolution is 1920 x 1080p full hd

Hello @littlenezt, can you change your scaling to 125 our 150% in Windows settings?

yep, i have tried to change the scaling to 125 and now the Audirvana fullscreen mode is really fullscreen, but the text and all of my other apps looks blurry, weird and out of proportion.

This is a temporary workaround, we will work on this issue for a future update of Audirvana for Windows 10.

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okay, thanks for the support

I also have this issue (bug).

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just updated the Audirvana to 3.5.10, still same fullscreen bug

Hello @littlenezt and @Mesonto, this update was not for this bug.

Hello. Any news regarding this issue?
I have the same on Windows 10 with a 2560x1440 resolution.

Two things…

a) Can’t resize the window by dragging the right side, but can dragging the left side of the window
b) Never remembers window size and position, always opening up less than half a screen.

Windows universal apps are horrible.