Genre assigned to Album

I usually let Audirvana filter (or sort for that matter), Albums per Genre.

However an album is assigned a ‘Genre’ if it contains only one track with that Genre tag.

Until date I have not discovered how to assign a Genre to an Album, regardless the Genre assigned to Tracks thereof.

This causes the filter (or sort) result to be compromised by displaying Albums that are generally not regarded Albums of that particular Genre.

Two examples:

  1. When I filter or sort for Albums with Genre tag ‘Classical’ Audirvana (incorrectly) displays this mix album that in majority comprises of tracks of other Genres and holds just one classical music track for example this album.
  2. or the other way around: this Album in majority consist of tracks with the Genre tag ‘Classical’ with some tracks (4-19, 7-5 Applause) with another Genre tag.

I am therefore looking for a way to assign the Genre tag to an Album myself, instead of the algorithm doing so.

Is there any way of assigning a tag to an Album or otherwise achieve this in Audirvana (without messing up the Genre tags of individual tracks) ?

Hello @ThijsA,

If a track have a specific Genre then the album is part of this Genre, this is normal a filter of this particular genre is displaying the album. If you do not want specif album to do displayed, you can use Smart playlist instead.

Thx Antoine for yr reply. I will try with Smart Playlists.