Get audio from Djay Pro 2

Hello I’m new here,
Not shure if it is the right place to post this question,

Could someone tell me if it is possible to get audio from Djay Pro 2 into Audirvana?

I would like to know if it is possible to pass the DJay Pro 2 output through Audirvana in order to improve the sound.

I don’t mean to use the songs in DJay Pro 2 but to pick up the output sound of the mix and send it to Audirvana, is this possible?

Im on a MacBook Pro,

Thanks in advance

You can’t do that interactively, meaning playing straight through Audirvana, but maybe you can import the media library in Audirvana and play that.

Just point Audirvana to where the library is stored and if it’s in one of the supported formats you’ll see the content in the Audirvana library.

Hi, thanks for your answer, what happens is that I want to do a live mix in Djay Pro 2 and take advantage of the good quality of Audirvana in background to improve the sound quality but I will be mixing in Djay Pro 2.
In the background I want to use Audirvana as a device to improve the audio of Djay Pro 2,

Thank you for your answer,

It’s not possible, you can’t use Audirvana as rendering device. What do you mean by “improving sound quality”? I doubt you’ll get any appreciable sound improvement in this scenario.

If you mean to upsample, I’m not convinced it makes sense in DJ setup. But, playing your library though Audirvana might actually make sense if you have high quality equipment.

Hi Bitracer, Exactly I want to use it as a rendering devise, some of the tarcks I’m working on are in low quality and I thought that here the upsampling could help, maybe what I can do is to export the whole session as 16/44 audio and then use Audirvana to play it.

Is to make sessions for a small dance group, the sound system is very good 2000w Mackie V-Class

Thanks for your help

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