Getting a second license for Mac

I bought a total of four Audirvana 3.x licenses for Microsoft Windows 10 64 bit. I bought a refurbished mid-2015 Apple MacBook Pro 15" with Retina Display high end model and I am running Apple MacOS 10.15.1 64 bit “Catalina.” I would like to get a Mac license for two personal computers at a reduced price and I found the link and I entered in my information correctly including my Windows license product key, but it says that it is invalid. I need help to buy the Mac licenses at a reduced price. Please help me to do just that. Thank you.

To get a preferred price for a second license you must use your order reference not your license key. Can you try again with your order number?

May I please ask you to send me my order number again? I deleted that original email message. Thank you for the clarification thus far.

I followed the instructions and I got my order number.

I got the order number for the wrong product. I need my order number for Audirvana again.

I’m new to 2checkout, but I created my online account and I found the correct order number for Audirvana for Windows. It says that the quantity is 2. I only have one Mac. How do I reduce the quantity at the reduced price?

When you are talking about the quantity is two, are you on your cart page of 2checkout?


Yes, 2checkout shows a quantity of two which I assume is good for up to four Macs. I want to reduce the quantity to one in order to install it on up to two Macs in total and to reduce the price by half. How do I do that?

You could that just by replacing the 2 by 1 and 2checkout will automatically change the price


2checkout won’t let me adjust the quantity and it looks like I am stuck with buying a quantity of 2 at $105.00 USD. Should I contact 2checkout?

You should contact them, we don’t manage this kind of issue because its a problem on their side


I contacted 2checkout and I wait for their answer. Thanks.

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