Goodhertz Can Opener ---tiny screen

I know these issues have been talked about’ but I don’t know what to do.Can Opener is opening to a tiny screen. I’m using an 8" Windows 10 computer. Any ideas?

Hello @mikearnopol,

Can you make a screenshot of Audirvana while it’s happening?

Here’s the screen shot. It was mentioned somewhere here that changing the resolution of Audirvana to a lower setting might help. I couldn’t figure out how

Can you enable the real time control and try to play a track? Does the plugin is displayed correctly?

No. It only displays a blank screen. I use the Fabfilter vst3 eq. It displays perfectly

Have you tried to reinstall the plugin?

yes I have. Still the same

you should ask Goodhretz if they have a restriction of screen size to display their vst3 as it seems that it it is not properly scaled when you use a 8" screen.