Grouping movements/tracks: possible?

New to Audirvana (v.3.5 on 10.14.6). Love it; thanks!

Almost all of the tracks in my Library correspond exactly to (individual) files which should be grouped - in my collection of classical music.

Four movements of a Mendelssohn string quartet, half a dozen numbers of a Bach cantata - for instance.

(How) can I best have Audirvana group these, please?

This will have two benefits:

  1. allow logical listening to each entire work/composition (all of a string quartet or cantata) at a time
  2. show fewer items/records in the Audirvana Library :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for your guidance!

You can use Grouping tag available in the metadata editor.
Once you have done you’ll find them grouped by the name of the composition inside the album and can play a single group

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Thanks @stefano_mbp: I can see it’s possible. But, as I say, I am new to Audirvana. Is there a doc, or page somewhere that explains the exact procedure/steps, please?

Do I group in my Library > Tracks or a Playlist?


I retrieved the screenshots from Audirvana site, just google for “Audirvana metadata”, afaik there is no other documentation.
You have to group tracks.
Open an album, select the tracks belonging to the same composition, then write in “Grouping” tag the composition name and save, that’s it.

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Thanks again, @stefano_mbp !

Select the tracks which you want grouped. Then give them all the same Group name (in Meta tags)?

I’ll experiment :slight_smile: …

I’m hoping to be able to do something which reduces the number of actual tracks/individual files; and allows me to play just one aggregated title.

Thanks again, @stefano_mbp, for your help with Yate meta tagging! I understand the model now and am making real progress :slight_smile: .

But I can’t get Grouping to work - as in the second screenshot here, where the actual movements - two groups of four individual piano pieces - are (or appear to be) indented to the right of the actual work name (Impromptus… and Piano Sonata…) just as I want them to be.

Audirvana 3.5.41 on macOS 10.14.6.

Is it perhaps a View or display setting which I’ve missed?


the only idea that comes to me if you can’t get the screenshot result is this: grouping works if the tracks are in sequence, if they are not in sequence grouping will not group them

Thanks, @stefano_mbp!

I think the closest is to display not Tracks, but Albums and then apply the grouping as you kindly suggest.