Guide for new users

Trying AS for the first time. Compared to JRiver which I have been using for 11 years, there is an improvement in sound on a Windows 11 machine, which is what it is all about. Thank you

There is quite a large library of files and I’d prefer them loaded into categories - ie Folder name, or Genre, Artist, Album or whatever can be managed. (In other words, similar if possible to JR). At the moment there is one enormous rather cumbersome list

What would be extremely handy if there was a guide about how to do this. Not knowing where to start involves hours of messing about trying to figure what the different icons mean. This gets frustrating so that time spent listening to music is reduced

Thank you

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Heya and welcome to AS :smiley:

I’ve been using JRiver for many years as well. At first with everything. But nowadays it acts as my Media Center. Especially when it comes to my series and movies. I’ve used it as well to do all the tagging of my files.

It would seem that AS’s sorting options are pretty limited compared to JRiver.
I guess the way to go for you would be to select Local → Tracks on the left menu.

Here you’ll get a full listing of the local music files that Audirvana has imported. Clicking on the listed categories will sort them out that way.

Near the top you’ll find several options.

Edit filters, Playlist Editor and Edit Meta data.

If you click on the Edit filters one, which to me appears like a funnel which you’ll use when putting oil into your cars engine. You’ll open up the Edit filters window.

Here you can add filters to help you with searching. I’ve added Genre here. Now when with Genre selected by default it will show everything. However if you select a genre from the available ones. Only those music files which have that genre in their tags will show up in the main track window. This way you can also show multiple genre’s at the same time by selecting several genre’s.

It’s a bit cumbersome as I haven’t found an option to add genre to the main window. Just like you can in JRiver. Audirvana definately can learn from this imho :smiley:


Thanks, this is extremely helpful, I will persevere