HD Analyzer Manual

Just subscribed today. Also got an email advertising HD Analyzer from Ircam Audio. Tried it out, but it left me with a lot of questions about what it’s telling me. Is there a user manual or explanation of its results? It basically told me that my CD was crap, but that was about it.


I second this!

CD is not HD…
but i would like to know more too…
why some of my HD are dubious…

I asked the same question 20 days ago to Audirvana support. Support told me it will answer me very soon. No answer yet.

Yeah, the “dubious” caught my eye too. The CD sounded pretty good to my ears.

This is my interpretation.

The tool gives an idea if it could be a real HD recording. Then it must be decided on the basis of conditions whether this is the case.

I expect that there should be enough energy present outside the 16/44.1 spectrum. If all energy is within 22.05 kHz and 96dB then there is a chance that the master was a 16/44.1 and therefore a dubious HD recording.

This still could sound awesome. Nothing wrong with Redbook.

But it is probably not an HiRes recording.

Depending on the instruments, microphones, mic preamp, etc it is possible that on a HiRes recording there is nothing outside the 16/44.1 area

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