Help! :-) Can't add local music

Is there any method other than the Add Folders dialog to add local music folders in Studio or the beta? I get the following identical behavior with both:

In Windows 11 (Insider Preview)) I can’t seem to get the Add Folders dialog box to show me any folder other than Desktop. I have tried moving the database file over from MacOS, but although I can then see my local albums, artists, and tracks, I can’t access Settings (click the icon and nothing happens) and I can’t actually play any local music (can click to play tracks, but just get the message saying track loading for a few seconds and it goes away with no result).

Qobuz is working fine.

Thanks for any assistance.

I downloaded a database editor and made the needed change directly in the AudirvanaDatabase.sqlite file, so everything now works for me. However, the inability to choose any folder other than Desktop in the GUI dialog, which has been the case with every 2.0 beta version on Windows, is still a bug.

I am not sure if it is a bug in Audirvana, but I have seen 2 other posts about this problem. Not only in the beta.

It looks about something that can happen in Windows itself:

“Browse For File” dialog box not displaying Computer node - Microsoft Community

I have no library selection problem in Audirvana 3.5 and Origin in Windows 11.

Hi Andy. I think you’re onto something, though my situation isn’t the precise one in the link you provided (too much stuff on Windows desktop).

All that’s showing on my desktop is the recycle bin. But behind the scenes the Desktop in this version of Windows (most recent Insider build) with my settings is an extension of OneDrive (MS cloud storage), and I do have files there.

At the same time MS is integrating OneDrive more tightly into the OS, they have gone to a subscription model for Office. Unless you want to keep paying every year to be able to open a few Word documents or make a birthday card with Publisher, the alternative on Windows is to use the free version of Office online, which is integrated with - you guessed it - OneDrive.

Personally I’m going to look into divorcing myself from OneDrive, which I hope will be pretty easy. I’ve got plenty of other cloud storage and alternatives to Office in multiple other OSs. But for other people on Windows, with the direction MS appears to be headed, this problem may start to crop up more often. @Antoine , are there other methods to use for the Add Folders dialog in Windows, or are you pretty well limited to that one?

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I know there are different file/folder selection dialogs in Windows a developer can choose from. But a bomb proof way (if no dialog works) could simply be: Allow the user to type in the path manually as well (as an alternative). This is not as user-friendly (I know), but it works. @Antoine any ideas?

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OK, here was my solution (remove Desktop from OneDrive backup):

For people who, unlike me, keep a bunch of stuff on their desktops in Windows, this solution might still work if they were willing to turn off Desktop backup for a bit and then turn it back on again.

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