Help with the trial license

First, sorry for my english, I use a translator

I once downloaded Audirvana Plus and activated the trial but didn’t use it at all. Now I just bought a decent Hi-Fi equipment and I would like to test and later maybe I will buy Audirvana Plus. In Poland, this is a fairly large amount and that’s why I want to test it first. Can you reset my tral licenses?

My Hi-Fi is Pioneer N-70AE, Atoll IN100SE and Monitor Audio Gold 100. Will it be better Audirvana Plus than AirPlay on this music equipment?

AirPlay resamples everything to 16/48. With Audirvana streaming through UPnP to your Pioneer streamer, you can get bit perfect playback. If it works that is, sometimes there are issues with the UPnP implementation on either end.

Why bit perfect playback?

It’s true to the source, hence why it’s called “bit perfect”. There is always a loss with any resampling. You might not be able to hear it, if your system is not resolving enough, but there is a degradation. In that case you’re good with AirPlay.

Ok, thanks for the explanation

Outdated. I have already bought :slight_smile:

Can i request for a trial extension i want to compare it with roon and see which one suits me better. Didnt had the chance to do so before but i now have roon at my disposal and want to make sure to do the right decision of buying audirvana