Hierarchical view on remote for multiple albums inside a collection

In AS (And Audirvana 3.5 as well), when you have a collection (Complete recordings of an artist for example), you have two different ways to see them trough the user interface, and you cannot directly choose which one is used (Sometimes it can be even a mix if the collection is not properly tagged):

  • Either each album appears separately and the view is “polluted” with the full display of all album covers, which may be painfull if the collection is made of several dozens of disks (up to 60 in my case). This happens when the album title is different for each album (Usually, it includes the disk number).
  • Or, you only have one album in the global view, and when you open it you will find the list of tracks attached to each disk ranged by disk number, which is also painfull to navigate in. This happens when the album title is identical for all albums but each one is tagged with a disk number.

The idea is thus the following: to give the user the power to select multiple disks and group them into one “collection”, and then, when entering the collection the user will see the full list of albums presented separately. This could also be a parameter of the synchonisation process based on some info to be inserted into the album tag.

Let’s see what you think about this…

Not exactly the same, but there is also a folder view in studio and origin. Maybe a workaround?

Yes, that is a workaround but although navigating through folders is nice and I’m used to, browsing through the covers is nicer.
So, let’s see if this topic will gain in popularity or fall into a dark sink :wink: