High CPU usage on idle when in the mini player (Windows 11)

since installing yesterday, I’ve twice noticed when my machine was idling on the lock screen that my fans were spinning more than normal.

Popping into the task manager, I see Audirvana Origin is reporting high power usage and about 10% CPU usage. Player is stopped and not playing, connected to a local USB DAC, in Mini Player mode.

Switching back to Regular view (from Mini Player), CPU usage stops.

Any idea what’s going on here? I’d like to be able to keep Audirvana running while in the background so I can still access it from the remote.

Update: This seems to be an intermittent issue. Left audirvana in full window mode for a couple of hours and came back to it, no significant CPU usage.

When switching to the (basic) mini player with the task manager open, the CPU usage spiked to about 10% on my system and the GPU becomes active. Power usage goes from Very Low to Moderate or High and stays there.

Switching back to full window and the CPU usage goes away. Note, I’m not playing any music while doing this.

Oddly when switching back to the mini player I didn’t experience this again.

I’m wondering if it’s whatever routine is being used to generate the blurred album art on the mini player’s background? Might be a Windows Acrylic API or maybe directx shader programming?

I think I’ve seen the high CPU usage two times out of about 6 visits to my computer since installing.

it happened again yesterday afternoon and I caught a screen grab in task manager:

after switching back to Regular View, the CPU and GPU activity went back to 0. again, I wasn’t playing anything and as far as I could tell there was no database activity going on in the background. It was just idling.

Hello @robcee,

Thank you for your precise report, I will need to try reproducing this issue when I will find time, maybe tomorrow.

many thanks. I realized I was reporting this on Easter weekend and didn’t really expect immediate response. Let me know if you need any more details.

Hello @robcee,

I’m actually trying to reproduce your issue with a HP 845 G7 with AMD CPU but I do not have this behavior at all. The RAM usage is also really low compared to you (66 MB on my side) while I have the mini player opened without a track being played on Audirvāna Origin :thinking:

hi @Antoine, thanks for looking into this.

I just updated to 1.0.4 (Win11) and so far everything looks good. It did seem to only happen after I’d been idling for sometime on the lock screen, so I’ll see if this new version has the same issue.

A note about our relative differences in RAM usage: my library has almost 30k tracks in it which might have something to do about our memory usage. Several smart playlists as well.

I’ll report back later today and let you know if the problem occurs.

(7h later…)

came home and noticed my machine’s fans running. It looked like more of the same from before:

Some more detail about how I used AO before this happened:

  1. Set AO to miniplayer
  2. Queued up some music via the Remote App on iOS
  3. Listened for an hour or so off and on throughout the day while working.
  4. Left the computers for 3 hours. AO was paused, in miniview with the screen locked.
  5. Came home and noticed the fans running. Took a screenshot.

Happy to provide more details. Feel free to DM / email.

Edit: after five minutes in the main / windowed view:

Ok, will make more test as soon as possible :wink:

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