HighResAudio streaming great

I registered at HighResAudio for the six day trial period. I am in the second day of trying it out, but it is clear to me that I will buy their annual streaming subscription. SQ-wise, I like it very much, very clean and enjoyable!

On a direct comparison with Qobuz, I find that HighResAudio streaming is a bit cleaner and entirely free of digital harshness. The sound is just great, a joy to listen to!

I am running Audirvana 3.5 on a Mac Mini 2018, hard wired to a USBridge Signature (fed by a Shanti LPS) that is USB-connected to my Devialet Expert 120.

Lovely sound altogether!

What OS are you running on your USBridge?

RopieeeXL. Works like a charm!

I prefer Qobuz over HRA. IMO, Qobuz is more musical sounding and has a much greater repertoire even in HR albums. Further it is impossible to search HRA with Audirvana for “Artist”, only for “Album”. This is a major drawback for me.


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