Hint on Configuring Upmpdcli to Work with Audirvana Studio?

I’m trying to learn how to configure upmpdcli (a UPnP/DLNA/OpenHome renderer) to work correctly with Audirvana Studio (“AS”).

AS recognizes upmpdcli in the list of DACs. I can select it. I can select music to play. But when I hit the Play button, although the indicator shows the file being converted, play does not start - the timer remains at 00.00.

This isn’t AS’s fault - when I try the Linn Kazoo app on my phone, the same thing happens: Music can be selected, but touching the Play button does nothing.

So I must have something with upmpdcli or mpd (or something else?) configured incorrectly. Any Linux aficionados who can advise me what I’m doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Try to see how a distros that work do it. I would recommend RoPieee XL, but Volumio is also an option.

Already running Windows and two Linux distros on this computer, so would prefer not to have to delete anything or move things around. If someone would like to copy and paste upmpdcli.conf and/or mpd.conf (minus personal info) from a working installation, that would be great.

Turned out not to be a problem with the configuration. I stopped another service that had hold of the UPnP/DLNA connection and now music plays. :slightly_smiling_face:

There is one additional nit I’ve got to resolve, but I want to put that in a new separate topic. Thanks @bitracer for your kind advice.

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