How to choose L/R balance?

Need a simple way to choose L/R balance… How?

there is surely a free AU plugin that do that… but i don’t know.

if on a mac, does this help…
Audio Midi Setup in your utilities folder in the Applications folder…
you can reduce a channel there…

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I like that, it looks great, unfortunately, I’m using an external dac. And also, I am using windows 10

can you right click your speaker icon in windows bar… it gives options there

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Trying now.

Also I’m using a usb to optical converter. So my dac bits are needed to stay at 24.
But how do I change that.
It appears right now it’s dac bits 32…
I love audirvana far more Than roon

not a windows expert… but Audirvana show the number your dac is able to reproduce on the right…
if you are not upsampling in the preferences, that song at 16/44 is playing at 16/44…
but shows on the right 32/44 because your DAC is 32 bits.

wait for @bitracer or @Damien3 they come here often… :slight_smile:

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on the right of main computer window… below on the remote :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, it’s just what USB interface reports to Audirvana.

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So this is what I got… Nowhere I can control the left and right balance…

I’m sure it’s me… I just want to learn

It just doesn’t work
This is a picture of the device I’m using the(x spidif) but when I use audirvana and it plays music… This stuff doesn’t do anything…