How to connect 2014 Mac Mini to Marantz SR5015

Hi all,
I am trying to figure out how I can connect my Mac Mini to run through my Marantz SR5015 so I can access my hi res (burned CDs) via audirvana (which I have a much older version of and haven’t accessd in a couple years). I Will update to new Studio if I can figure how to set up. Marantz does not seem to easily connect to mac as a media server (they are set to work with NAS i believe). I’m pretty sure I read that there is a work around but I don’t know what it is. I am not tech savvy in this area so please try and avoid jargon or assume I would understand the lingo (thanks)

Any thoughts? Help is much appreciated.

Connect this streamer to your Marantz via S/PDIF coaxial cable (digital input)… or something like it… You’ll find Audirvana user support here on this forum…

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Hi @Hoboken2002,

You need to sync your folders with Audirvāna Studio, not with your Marantz. The setup is fairly simple in Audirvāna Studio since we made an in app onboarding session.

After doing this, you should see your Marantz as an UPNP output since it use HEOS. You need to select it and being able to play to it :wink:

Thanks Antoine. Will this approach also work if I just want to start out with Origin? I have not decided if I want to be in the subscriber world (yours or tidals).

Thanks for your assistance

In the case of device connectivity, Audirvāna Studio and Audirvāna Origin are the same so yes, this approach will also work with Audirvāna Origin.

Thanks Antoine.

Now that I am trying to get this to work I am having tech problems. Not sure if this is the place to post but here it goes.

I downloaded the trial version of studio (though I clicked to download origin and it gave me studio but it doesn’t matter) and launched it. It recognized that I had a previous version of an audirvana data base from a few years ago (v2.#). It Prompted me to sync the database. I followed the prompt than I launched and got this message:

“Error opening library file Damaged database file at location/users/sdkmini/Library/application support/audirvana/audirvanadatabase.sqlite Please restore a correct file from a backup or delete it and try again”

I don’t have a backup so I was going to delete the sqlite file but I can’t locate it. The path that it showed me does NOT appear to exist. Specifically, after I follow User/sdkmini…there is no “library”. I did find a path that showed Macintosh HD/Library/Application support BUT there is no Audirvana folder in there.

Whew…I hope you (or someone with knowledge) can follow this and offer guidance.

I would really like to try this product without spending 20 hours trouble shooting this.

thanks Much

by the way, my original version was accessing music in iTunes. Since I thought I was starting all over (before I knew it would try and sync) I moved my actual music files out of iTunes and deleted everything in i tunes. I wonder if that is contributing to my issue?


Aha! Found the sqlite file and deleted it. the program opened. the problem I have is that it is looking for the files that I previously had in iTunes and had deleted the whole thing. How do I point audirvana to the new folder where all my local music sits?

Sorry to make you read through all of this.

ok. Making more progress. the corrupt DB message reaoppeard but I knew how to delete it. this time when it asked to sync with previous DB i said NO. That allowed me to find the folder with my music and link it. Yay! NOW I just need to figure out how to get it to play through my marantz at best quality. I can play it using Apple airplay But i’m not sure if that is best quality. How do I get it to play with UPNP? I cannot find it on the HEOS app and I’m not sure if it is something I selet within audirvana (and if so…where).

sorry again for all the messages.

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If you only want to play your files, with no radios or streaming, trash Studio
and try again downloading Origin…

here is the link for mac version in case you can’t:

then delete your sync with iTunes or Music now if still lincked,
remove folder(S) from library, quit Origin, then go where the .sqlite file is and trash it…
just restart mac for fun, and relaunch Origin

add a music folder… let it load…

look at the bottom right for the speaker… upnp services are there if you see your DAC there…
i don’t use that, can’t help

Thanks Runhomeslow. That’s what i needed.

Hi @Hoboken2002,

The issue you had with database file can happen when you had a older version and the conversion process had an issue, good to know you have been able to find it :slight_smile:

In the case of UPnP, you should see you device in the audio output available like this: