How to contact customer service?`

How does one contact this company when there is an issue with this product? Where is the ‘lifetime access’ to the purchased product if you can’t even contact the company if something goes wrong?

What’s going on here? The company claims to be selling a product with ‘lifetime access’, but as soon as there is an issue your access is gone and there is no way to contact the company. I’ve used this product for 2 years and have now been cut off from using the program, and I keep getting prompted to purchase another license.

There is no way to contact the company directly. Is this company just scamming people with a fake ‘lifetime access’ claim that expires every 2 years? What a joke this company is; zero customer service and deceptive selling practices that eventually defraud the customer when the license stops working after a couple years.

You could wait for a reply once France’s business hours start again on Monday.
Or you could e-mail the support address - but, again, wait until after the weekend for a response.

Either way I’d suggest tempering your attitude. Ranting and insults have never resulted in faster service from any company.

As far as the lifetime licence is concerned this is no different from any other software company.
The “lifetime” is never that of the customer, but of the software - though you can use the version you paid for for as long as it works on new operating systems.
It’s the same with pretty much every word-processing, audio, photo or video-editing, CAD or any other software package.

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What are you talking about? If there was a support email I wouldn’t be posting on this message board. If you want to be helpful than post that email address. If you can’t offer any help, then why are you replying? How does your opinion help the situation at all?

There is a support email. Just write to [email protected].

Audirvana periodically checks the validity of the license. If you don‘t have access to the internet, or a certificate issue pops up or sometimes after OS upgrade you may get this issue. Don’t worry, it will be resolved relatively quickly.

Fantastic! Thanks for the help and useful information!

No problem. What happens when you try to active the license using the license key you have? Is this happening with the same version of Audirvana you purchased license to?

If you write a bit more, maybe somebody can help you here without having to wait until tomorrow.