How to get rid of issues with accented characters on file names when using a NAS and a MAC

Dear all,
I experienced several times, and in a recurrent way, issues with folder or file names that contain accented characters that were not accepted by the Mac, and created many problems with the import procedure of Audirvana.
There are cases where some tracks are not recognised, some where the directory cannot be entered, or even situations where no new albums are recognised because some of them have the issue with the accented characters.
This is due to the way those characters are encoded in UTF-8: in short, Linux file systems use NFC where MAC FS choose NFD.
If you don’t want to manually correct all file names, the following solution will work: use of rsync to copy and convert the files from the NAS to the MAC, and then copy the converted files to the NAS.

The command to be used is (On the MAC):

rsync -a --delete --iconv=UTF-8-MAC,UTF-8 ‘[email protected]_address:<Nas_directory>’ /Local_directory

I tested it and that works perfectly (Using a Mac Mini and a Syno).

I will use it as from now.

Best regards