How to ignore folders?

I am in trial of Origin and cannot find where I can exclude files or folders from being included in the library. My library is on a QNAP SMB fileshare and has some system folders and other stuff being picked up. How can I exclude this? IE - Exclude files which start with $ type of thing.


You should put your music files in a “music only” root folder instead of sharing the whole volume


Thanks for the recommendation however this is not an option to move the library since it is referenced by several other audio library management apps.

So there are no exclusion or ignore filters which can be applied in this product?


But you can choose multiple folders for your music library in Audirvana. Why not choose only the folders in Audirvana you want to include instead of choosing your whole drive?
It is up to you to arrange the music and folders on your drive in a logical fashion.


Ok. Interesting.