How to order Discs Folders in Tree View?

Hello all,

I was getting my music disc pretty full, so i had to split my files in two external Discs.

So, started from scratch… again…
Put the 2 prefs of the DeadBrain at off, All is good.

Save .sqlite,
then i realized that clicking Tree View icon,
i got the wrong order N-Z folders are before the A-M folders ???

Whatever i do to restart, adding Music2 before Music1
or like you think it would work, starting again by adding Music1 first, then Music2

N-Z are always Before A-M

Anyone had it in A to Z order???

Can’t help you there I fear. My music collection is about 280 gb total and it sits in a single folder on a single drive :smiley:

Since i didn’t received my new hard drives yet, i’m playing with it, before make it final…

So, many times i don’t understand how the logic works on Studio,
but, i found naming the first Disc DISCO instead of DISCO1 did the trick.

As a new enveloppes, it as to do the ANALyzing again…
now, i have to change path again to JRiver and HQPlayer too… Arf!

This morning when finally all things were good, the discs are reverse again for no reason.
Never easy :frowning:

Trying to rename the Discs or and Folders to non logical state :slight_smile:
not working…

I put a space between All
Disco 1 Music 1
Disco 2 Music 2

Things seems to work now as seen in picture, at least now Disco 2 is the second in list,
but i have to wait another day approx to see if it sticks…

It’s a good thing i have nothing else to do !!!

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Just finished again,
re route JRiver and HQPlayer too.
Better be the same tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Good thing you get paid by the hour :wink:

Should be double paid since it’s Holiday :grinning:


I will be happy to initial your time card…How do the lyrics go on that Billy Preston song ?

This morning without any reason, my discs are again inverted…
they were alright just the night before.
this is really frustrating… @Antoine !!

The order depend first on the UUID of your device and if it has been changed the device will list will be updated. Did you made any change in the disc setting. It’s also possible that MacOS updated it without you noticed it.

Don’t you think that the Mac is allocating the UUID during booting, and the first unit finded at wake -up will first in the list This is depending in which unit wake-up first and is totally unpredictable.
I remember having this problem long time ago with 2 USB-> RS422 adapters and having my serial ports messed. I had to make a special procedure in my program in order to force the ports having the right port number.

i didn’t change anything, macos is still at Monterey 12.1
i will not change the name again since i have to redo JRiver and HQPlayer too.
And Studio is always redoing the analyzing when changing the names…

I looked for UUID thing and didn’t find anything, i was about to post here a picture of my MacMini storage layout in the system report… and then, i tried to reset the PRAM on my Mac and it did the trick, i’m back in order! Man, never easy :slight_smile:

I had to return one of the Hard drive because a little noisy compare to the other one…
back in wrong order again…

Zapping the PRAM didn’t work this time :frowning:

With all the people who wanted tree view, i’m alone with 2 or more folders not in good order?

@Antoine Can Audirvana just listed them by name or path? instead of UUID that i can’t change.
or having a choice of sorting criteria the volume…
the logic is not there Disco 1 should be listed before Disco 2

I’m on a clean Monterey 12.1. Waiting for 12.2 update tomorrow maybe
to see if it will change, but i doubt it.

Disco’s back ! Awesome :sunglasses:

Can you rename them 0 and 1 ? This is the kind of stuff that drives the ocd in our hobby to 11 on the dial. Bizarre :flushed:

What about remove the space between, disco1 perhaps you can try easily?

There was no space on them like pictures at beginning of thread…

When you rename the disc, audirvana analyzed again you have also reroute other players…

It is not a big thing but the tree view shows your artist in covers view from beginning to last, artist view is opposite… last first, in album view, first to last also, but with all other artists :grinning:

Ok I see you have already tried it that way, how about numbers first, 1Disco, 2Disco? It’s really quite odd, what happens if you just start with #1 and then shut down and hook up #2 ?

It will not change the problem, it is not version related, I had to struggle with that on Mac OS 8 and 9 !!. As I told you, the UUID are attribuated by the system at wake-up and it is totally unpredictable. I think that the only solution is to merge the two discs in one with Disc Utility. The “Partition” Tab should be able to do it.