How to play Stereo Layer of SACD ISO files?

That’s what I’m thinking, since my .DFF files don’t sound quite as good as the base .ISO files. I’m thinking the older Sonore transfer wasn’t as bit perfect as it should of been, and I will redo my comparison between .DFF and .DSF with a cleaner transfer.

No, No. I am running in true stereo via DSD to the Denafrips. I just flip on the Pro Logic once and a while on a Stereo signal for shits and giggles. It’s odd that a .DFF file sounds near identical to the .ISO, but the .DSF is much narrower and doesn’t engage the processor, I’m gonna chalk that one up to the quality of the Sonore. But I do know that the Sony spec was only meant for 2 channel and figure it is doing a Lt/Rt mixdown and dropping the Ls/Rs matrix info that the .DFF retains. Just a guess.

My Multi setup runs via HDMI into the Oppo 105D 6 Discreet channels. I’m actually listening to a Multi .ISO now through Audirvana and it is playing properly. I’m curious if a new .DFF/.DSF file will sound identical or better without as much processor load.

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