HRA streaming connection

Since yesterday, Audirvana (version 3.5.9 for Windows 10) does not play any file from HRA streaming.
Audirvana shows HRA album titles and information, but does not show any of the audiofiles. HRA has always taken minutes to connect within Audirvana (while qobuz and tidal connect immediately) but now no audioconnection is established at all.

Hello @Rob_Lenssen, have you tried to connect to your account in HRA-Streaming app?

yes I did, the HRA app works.

When you want to play a song from HRA in Audirvana, did you get any error from Audirvana?

After a considerable amount of time (minutes) a time out warning. with only the possibility to confirm in an “ok” dialogue box.

It seems to be working again, allbeit that it still takes about five minutes before Audrivana & HRA Streaming have established a working connection.

The music seems to start up quicker from the remote app (on iPad as well as via Android) than from within Audirvana for Windows, very strange…

You might have networking issues, check that first.

Of course I did that first. It can’t be that; streams from Qobuz and Tidal work flawlessly in Audirvana and so does HRA’s own app.