I cannot access AO, I want my money back

I am giving up using Origin, the user interface is terrible and now I can’t even get it to work. I would like the purchase price I paid to be returned and I will continue with 3.5.
I do not know how to get to the developers to communicate. I am fed up.

What’s up, why it’s not working?

I used Origin for a few months after purchase. The login process was unpredictable, but I usually could access my music. I began to be frustrated with the interface after a while, type was too small to easily read, layout and icon use was not to my liking. I did like the sound. I went back to 3.5 because it worked properly and without frustration. Origin has long wait times to load files, poor playlist creation and smart playlists do not do what I had set them up to do. Now I cannot access the program at all. It just keeps saying my trial has expired. Anyway, enough, I have enjoyed Audirvana for years and will keep using 3.5. In my opinion Origin has way too many flaws to be considered a professional, pay for, program. Sorry, but that is how I feel. Regards.

Have you tried to login with your myAudirvana credentials?

For a refund you’ll need to write to support@audirvana.com and see how they feel about it.

Will Microsoft refund you for a purchase of Office 2021, because you want to continue with an older version of Office?

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I have never and will never deal with Microsoft for any of there products. However, I am attempting to deal with the Audirvana developers. I, as a small business owner, would always honor any product I supplied, and gladly refund the purchase price to dissatisfied customers. The digital dictators of the world seem to take a different approach. Regards from the distant past.

Well, you still need to send a mail to support@audirvana.com.

The forum members in this thread are not the ones you want your money back from.

Regards from the present.

No worries. Still if you want to try to get it to work again, fell free to engage with the community.

I also run Origin and I’m quite happy with it. With the exception of the icon, most of the other things are resolvable.

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Send the support team an email. I did the exact same last week and got a Refund for Audirvana Studio within a few days. My Auto subscription had activated after the year trial and they gladly refunded me with no issues.

Hi everyone, I’m in contact with David now, thank you for giving him the right way for asking this :wink:

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