I can't sync with library

Hi, I’ve loaded 3.5.44 on a headless Mac mini to use as a digital source in my music system. But, Audirvana won’t load or sync my music. I point it to my music folder and its just indicates the library is loading (forever - no music icons show in library view). I’ve tried dragging music folders to Audirvana - that doesn’t work either. I deleted and re-installed Audirvana. No change. I moved the audirvana library files. No change. I created a new Audirvana library database. No changes. Help!

Where is your music stored? Is it the internal HD, external HD, NAS…

On an internal HDD (a hybrid drive). Audirvana is on an internal SSD.

Can you give us the folder path you try to sync with Audirvana?

/Volumes/Macintosh HD/Music

Can you open the Console app of MacOS, search for Audirvana and then try to add this folder again?

I don’t understand. The folder exists and contains my music library. What do you mean by “add it again?”

Can you remove the folder and try to add it again?

I re-set the permissions on the Music folder and all content and now its working perfectly. :slight_smile:

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