I want to power down my Mac Mini with my iPad

Hi All,
I am fairly new to Audirvana, and quite enjoying it. I am using the program on a Mac Mini, and have the app for my iPad.
My conundrum is that I want to power down the Mac Mini from my iPad. For uploading music, I use a monitor, keyboard, usb cd drive, and mouse, but for general use I don’t want any of those around. This is the only program I plan on using for the most part with this system. This into a DAC, passive volume, and powered speakers. It is easy to power up the system with Audirvana automatically, and controlling with the iPad via Bluetooth. But I can’t figure out how to power down. To add to the degree of difficulty, I will not always have wireless internet, only Bluetooth, so VNC is not always an option. EG, I will be using it in a hotel room this week, and don’t want to spend $20/day for almost a week, just to shut down the Mac Mini.
It is possible to just force shut down, but that does not seem practical in the long run. I notice I need to restart every now and then to keep things running smooth, more than daily.

I will have a MacBook available that is doing other chores, but I can’t find a way to connect it with a cable to do this either.

Regards, Jack Arnott

Have you check that, i use it for shutting down my imac with wifi,
but it can connect via IP or a QR code, might work for you also.


Hi, I use iShutdown for years for that purpose and it works super!

iShutdown - remote power management tool for your Mac and PC van Vlad Polyanskiy