I would like any information from anybody in this audivarna community

If anyone thats a part of this community can give me any information concerning playback issues with audivarna, especially with the new update we all just got, i was having issues with audivarna playback before this new update, with the new update I’m having a few more issues now , so now if anyone can tell me their issues with audivarna playback, this includes any issues, such as connected tidal and qobuz accounts, audivarna playback through your devices , etc., any issues about anything, any buggy type of issues also ,also if you don’t mind telling me what you’re using audivarna with, windows or Mac operating system, thank you very much for any and all replies

No issue before and after update.

No streaming, no iTunes, no upsampling.

All music .flac and .dsf on external HD.

macos Catalina 10.15.5 on Mac mini,
Installed Direct mode with the hack,
no screen, controlled by iMac with
screen sharing. Using iPhone 8
with Audirvana remote.

All music tags are done to my taste.
3500 albums, 42000 songs
if i remember correct.

Only wish for me, being able to see all my Artist albums in year of release like tagged
in every screen and on remote… Instead of alphabetical order.

I backup my .sqlite file library every day just in case :grinning:

Thank very much for that info

I am using version 3.5.37 on a 2019 5K Retina iMac macOS Catalina 10.15.5. 64 GIGs RAM. 6 Terabyte external drive for Music Storage. App works perfectly so long as I do not move something to the trash, click on the Desktop. When I do either of these things the app stops running! I was told once upon a time that I likely had an audio kext that did not belong to this app and that I had to find it and get rid of it. That worked for a while. Now I have Corel Painter 2019 onboard, it has an audio component that is turned off and never activated. I suspect that this could be the problem. However Corel has refused constantly any assistance in locating and removing this file I unfortunately need Painter and would hate to get rid of it because I have an enormous financial investment in brushes etc. However because of Painter I have persistent issues with Audirvana. Please Developers help me get around this issue. I surely do not want to be boxed into making a choice between one or the other as I love and need both!!! I really need some help!!!

thanks for your response, i’m having quite a few issues myself and i’m just using windows 10 with audivarna and its being fed through my network to my pre/pro marantz av8805, i have’nt had these issues to much using audivarna until recently and with this new update, i’ve got some new issues now also, anybody else with any issues please let me know, so we can try to figure out something

I doubt that emptying the trash or clicking desktop is painter fault for crashing Audirvana…
you can close it, and try trashing Audirvana preferences if you never done it… there is two preferences to trash.

Close Audirvana. go to the preferences folder in your library of home folder and trash them (or copy them before if you want to put them back if nothing changed).

trash com.audirvana.Audirvana-Plus.plist

If it install a .ktext extension, like Audirvana do with Direct Mode, except Audirvana plays with the one that is locked in the Library… System. I doubt that Painter installed something there :slight_smile:

So, apart from that one, you have two more libraries in your Mac…
one in your Home folder and the other on the mac folder with Applications folder and system files…

Apple hide the Home Folder in User Library at some time depending on OS System…
When you have clicked your Home Folder, and cannot see the Library Folder in there,
just do a ‘‘cmd J’’ to show the folder settings preferences and see at the bottom…
click Show Library Folder and then you’ll have access to the rest forever.

In Home folder Library look at the Audio Folder… if something come from Corel or Painter in all the folders there… There is also an Apllication Support Folder in the Library of Home Folder… look there also for Corel or Painter…

In the main Library, you have Also the Audio and Application Support Folders to look, but you have also an Extensions folder that you can look into also…

Before removing or trashing those files if you find them, copy them somewhere else on your Mac or .zip them (with mouse right click compress), for system not see them anymore… Restart Mac and see :slight_smile:

I’m not on a PC, but if you tell your issues… Someone can see them and help you…

I’ve already been in contact with damien3 with audivarna, many many times, I haven’t recieved to much help in that, thats why i put this post up, what my issues are , if i play my tracks from qobuz connected to audivarna, when i start playing my tracks , if i start with a track to play and have other tracks that supposed to play afterwards, audivarna will go from the track I played first and the next track will load up but will not play and then after sometime audivarna will play the track after the one was supposed to play, this happens if i have shuffle play or not, so audivarna plays every other track with qobuz, i have this issue with tidal connected account also, but not as often, my local library tracks play exactly correct with no problems, I’ve uninstalled audivarna several times to see if I correct my problems with no luck, I’ve done everything i can think of, resetting my network, resetting my playback device completely numerous times, I’ve tried other things also, to much to list, i sent different debug information to damien3, so I don’t know what to do, thank you for replying to me, I’m hoping someone will see this and maybe be having something similar happening to them

I appreciate the suggestion! However even deleting every part of Painter and I mean every part did not fix the problem. If I put anything in the trash my app stops playing. Click on the Desktop same problem. Move an item from one folder to another same problem! I even turned off optimizing for System and turned off upsampling no fix. These were suggestions made in the past. In case I did not mention it I am running a 2019 5K Retina iMac and Catalina 10.15.5…I really love what this app does but if I cannot work with it running I will be forced to uninstall it. I do have a couple of other choices without the power and flexibility of this one but they do not stop operating when you access something else. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If you close Audirvana and empty the trash all is good? Music files are in the trash?

Okay, my problem isn’t with my music files that are on my computer that i put on audivarna, those play exactly how they should, my problem is with my streaming accounts connected to audivarna, Qobuz and Tidal accounts, my problem i am having with audivarna is audivarna is not playing my connected streaming accounts correctly, I unconnected both of these accounts from audivarna and reconnected back to audivarna many times already, when i seen this didn’t work, I opened brand new tidal and qobuz accounts and connected these new accounts to audivarna and still had the same issues

ok… i don’t stream so no problem for me
but i see many people here have problems recently with tidal and quobuz.
You have the latest from Audirvana 3.5.37 ?, i know some things have been done since.

even some new IOS Remote with little update

Yes i have 3.5.37 and i was hoping this update would correct something, but it didn’t, i really appreciate your replies, hopefully someone will see all that i have posted and may have some similar problems such as i am, these issues i got just started on may 26,2020, before I wasn’t having but the occasional bug issue here and there, but nothing compared to what I’m going through now

Just to add to this, I installed J RIVER and had no issues at all with J RIVER playing my streaming accounts, i did this as a test to ensure me its audivarna having the issues

I have been using Audirvana since 2013 on Macs, but am fed-up due to 3.5.37 duplicating, and in some cases triplicating files, and to poor technical support. I was ready to quit after the last version gave similar problems, and every potential solution I read about did not work. Then 3.5 came along and automatically solved the problem. But duplication problems became even worse once 3.5.37 was installed; this upgrade also greyed out every song in all playlists, but the playlists play. The duplicated files all belong to the single file stored on hard drive. These extra greyed out files can be manually deleted, but database is too large to do any more. Deleted database, re-installing all files, redoing playlists and fixing meta data is not an option for me anymore. I have no problems with 3.5.33.
Why are no solutions posted on Audirvana’s home site under Support/Technical Issues?
I have 3 independent Mac systems, each running 10.13.6 (High Sierra) and using their own dedicated 2TB USB 3 external drives, and there are no add-ons, no streaming or iTunes sync.:
iMac14,3 running 3.3.37,
MacBook Air6,1 and a Mac Mini8,1 both running 3.3.35.
I am currently trying to replace 3.3.37 with 3.3.35, and still looking for directions.

Thanks for your input and replying back, it seems to me when audivarna does an update to a past update that was working fine the new updates cause mores problems that didn’t exist in some other updates, I’ve been using audivarna for about three months now, I’ve had my fair share of issues and some updates would fix my issues or some would fix my issues and have completely different issues i have had to deal with, paying the price for how much audivarna costs, it seems like someone would keep updating consistently to take care of anyone’s issues, yes I agree, customer support is not great at all and having customer support trying to help with issues is hard to get, I’ve noticed that everybody seems to have their own unique issues and some have very similar issues, audivarna has lots of buggy issues I’ve noticed , the smallest issues, seem to be the most aggravating, when audivarna works well , it works great, seems like audivarna would completely go through their entire software for mac and windows users and get it operating as close to perfect as they can by looking at everyones issues, the way i use audivarna is alot simple than the way lots of other people use it it, i have audivarna on my windows desktop PC and from the PC, audivarna uses my local network to send the audio information to my processor, I don’t use a DAC connected to my computer by usb cable, audivarna uses my local network ethernet cable to do this, my processors DAC can process audivarna easily like this when audivarna is working correctly, so its a simple connection that gets from point A to point B simply and its very frustrating to know that its simple and audivarna makes it so complicated because of software issues with audivarna

Crashes every 15minutes. All other apps on imac 27” 2019 64Gb with latest Catalina work fine. Audirvana is as robust as a one legged horse

j’utilise Audirvana sur PC connecté en USB à un Dac SMSL M400 relié à un ampli SMSL SP 200. J’ai eu plusieurs problèmes avec Audirvana que j’utilise depuis un peu plus d’un an. Mais ils ont tous été complètement résolus. J’ai un abonnement Tidal et j’écoute mes albums stockés sur un nas. Je n’ai pas actuellement aucun problème avec Audirvana en USB, et je l’utilise longuement quotidiennement (j’ai la dernière mise à jour). Par contre en mode UPNP la touche pause est grisée quand j’utilise Audirvana avec mon lecteur réseau Cambridge CXN V2, mais c’est du à Cambridge qui va régler le problème prochainement. Vous pouvez me poser des questions.
Bien cordialement

Thanks everyone for the responses, keep it coming