Import Music Folder (ex iTunes) in Audirvana

I’ve tried to import Music Folder but Audirvana show me a fatal error window. I’ve tried to import in other way and the status bar begins to import but at the end any tracks imported. Let me know. Thanks

Hello @Goderiger, Where are your music stored is it on a NAS, a USB stick or your local disk? Can you try with another folder to see if you still got the issue?

Music Folder (ex iTunes) is stored in external HD.

It’s impossible synchronize any Folder.

Are you able to see your files in Finder?

yes, in external HD that I see in Finder

Do you remember the error that Audirvana displayed?

Is the external drive password protected or has biometric protection?

No password, no biometric protection.

Can you try with another drive/USB stick, with just few tracks maybe, as a test?

I’ve tried the first method that Audirvana suggests (to add a folder to import) with a folder with tracks that I’ve on Mac HDD but I receive the same message I send you…Fatal error etc. etc.
I’ve tried the second method (2 or 3 times) (copy-synchonize-create new) and the status bar at the top on the right begins to import but when finished any tracks or albums appears…the Audirvana library was empty. Only the first time I installed Audirvana I saw albums appears and scrolling in the window (during the import) but suddenly all the system freezes so I turn off the Mac to restore all the system. After this attempt I’ve tried more times but with the results as you know and I’ve written. Sorry for my bad english.

No problem, I understood what you mean. It looks like you have a system issue. I would advise you to do a clean install (not restore) of the system and try again.

I don’t think it’s my system issue because I’ve tried Roon (Trial) and I’ve imported all my music without problem.

You wrote that you had to restore the system. Maybe it’s something related to that. It’s difficult to troubleshoot it blindly.