In search of a network audio player to use with Audirvana+ or Studio

After several years using a B&W Zeppelin Air to stream my music, first with ITunes, next with Audirvana via AirPlay, I decided to put my HiFi back at work : Njoe Tjoeb 4000 CD player to Nad amplifier to B&W speakers.

My computer (IMac) being upstairs, I want to send the audio through the network using Audirvana+ to the Hifi downstairs.

I read a lot, saw videos, but after a lot of research, I’m still not sure which gear I need.

I saw two devices which seem to meet what I need.

There is the Allo Boss 2 player and the Volumio Primo, both players with a DAC and not too expensive to begin.

So the questions are :

-do these two devices work easily with Audirvana+ or AS?
-If not, what to use in the range of 500-600€

Thanks in advance for your help !