In v3.5, what are the pros and cons between monitoring the iTunes folder and iTunes DB sync?

Hello all,

I’m not a frequent user of Audirvana. I got it specifically so that I could stream MQA from while using my AudioQuest Dragonfly Red.
I started with v3.0, where I configured it to monitor the iTunes Music directory as well as another directory where I keep all of my hirez files.

I don’t know if I should switch from monitoring the iTunes directory to synching with iTunes. iTunes is not my favorite music playback app nor do I like the way it manages the library because it has messed up more times than I can count, most especially when I’m importing music from a CD.

Since I don’t trust iTunes, I’m thinking that having Audirvana sync with iTunes will only propagate problems from one app to another.

What have you learned if you have chosen to sync with the iTunes database?

Why thinking if you dont trust iTunes??
Why using a soft in a soft??

Audirvana do the same and you don’t have to wait for Apple to screw your things :grinning:

Standalone is the only way to go for me…,