Indexing mapped drive

Windows 11, Audirvāna Origin 2.5.13. I use the same NAS drive, mapped to my PC, as the database for JRIver MC, HQPlayer, Roon, and Logitech Media Server.

The other applications see my NAS as a mapped drive (“m:\music”) but Audirvāna indexes by the netbios name (“\medianas\music”) even though I added the folder in settings as “m:\music.”

This is a problem in one specific context: I create my playlists in JRiver MC as m3u8 files. The filenames in them reference the mapped names, e.g., “m:\music\Miles Davis\Bitches Brew\Sanctuary.flac.” When I try to import those playlists into Audirvāna, it gives an error message telling me that all the files are missing because it wants to see netbios references to “\medianas” rather than references to “m:”.

As Audirvāna is the only player I use that can’t find mapped files, I ask if there is a way that I can create an Audirvāna library that sees the NAS as a local drive rather than a network one. Thank you for any assistance you can offer.

Hi @MikeRubin,

Have you tried a playlist with a relative path instead of an absolute one?

I have no idea how to do that, unless you mean that I should set up JRiver with netbios name references rather than local drive references.

I set up JRiver’s index by pointing at the mapped drive’s music directory, exactly as I set up Audirvana’s, but JRiver maintains playlists by reference to mapped path. I believe that JRiver also can maintain indexes that refer to network paths, but all of my other playback software except Audirvana always has been able to read mapped drive playlists and I can share the JRiver ones with them. I therefore am reluctant to recreate the entire 7tb JRiver database with network references just to create a handful of playlists that are too long to duplicate natively in Audirvana.

These playlists are several hundred entries long. I recreate smart playlists natively in Audirvana, but it is a lot of effort to generate the fixed laylists again in Audirvana, unfortunately.

I mean exporting the playlist again and importing it in Audirvāna:

Thank you. I was not aware of this capability. I will try this.

I checked the “use relative path” option but the result is identical. Unfortunately, all files still show as “missing.”

Hi @MikeRubin,

Can you send me the m3u file at

Antoine, thank you. It is an m3u8 file. I will send the version without relative paths.