Info/Review pane

It sure would be nice to have a section “right” of the Album art to be able to add some info/review data to the display. I hate to compare programs but in PLEX they call this the “Review” section.

Also, it would be nice to be able to enlarge the artwork with the slider provided. I don’t necessarily need to see all the song titles, I can scroll when I want to see additional songs. I’d rather see a larger display of the album cover along with some details.

The Audio Quality of the software is amazing! I think the focus should be on bringing the interfaces (OS/iOS, PC/??) to the next level.

Brilliant idea. I’d love to see my notes re. a particular album or performance.

@ Antoine, how about adding the “Comments” metadata to the area beside the record cover? Then we can add our own information.

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Hi, It’s a good idea. I talked with the team. It’s something we could do but I can’t give you a date about it.

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Thanks Antoine.
I have noticed in my metadata editor for Apple called “META”, there are 2 areas for adding this type of information; “Comments” & “Description”.
Can I assume that they have different, ID3 lines? (if that’s what you call them :upside_down_face:)
Maybe “Description” would be the better one to use, but then you’d have to add that to Audirvana.

I’m not sure how PLEX populates it’s “Review” pane, whether they source it from “musicbranz” or some other site.

Thank You for considering this.