Installation issues on laptop

Please can someone help me with this. I want to install this software and I go to the website for the trial and download the setup file. I run it and a message comes up Visual C++ will be installed on my machine. I click install and then an error ; “an error occurred while installing system components for AudiavarnaPlus.Setup cannot continue until all system components have been successfully installed”.

I tried it a number of time to no avail. Also doesn’t work on my PC.

I tried the suggestion of going to, which seems to work on my PC, but I want to install this software to my laptop (which is windows 10, x64 op system and a x64 laptop). Why is this not working? Please help somebody

try getting the latest x64 Visual C++ library from the microsoft link I placed below this paragraph (if you have 64bit windows, otherwise the x86 version) . I ran into this last month and just figured it out tonight after reading this post in search of a solution. That application download link you posted here installed something but wouldnt load anything when I clicked the icon.

Just in case, since this is what I did in the process of getting to work, I suggest going to the temp folder and clearing out the tmp folder(s) that it says are failing when you click details on the failure notice of the audirvana pc installer. May or may not matter, but it’s part of what I did. It says that something has changed in the library that it is trying to install from the temp folder, which clicked in my head tonight and it finally got Audirvana to install on my laptop.